There are so many more resources. Feel free to look further into websites and to suggest others to add to this list. This is just a start...

Counting and Cardinality

Comparing Numbers
Game for students to organize dots from least to greatest
How Many?
Game for students to count how many objects are on the screen.
Number Activity Pages
Worksheets where students practice writing their numbers while recognizing what the number represents.
Basic Number Concepts Games
Games for students to understand basic number concepts.
Same or Different?
Students determine if the number of objects is the same or different compared to the example.

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Add 'em Up
Students practice addition.
Take it Away
Students practice subtraction.
Adding with Shapes
Basic addition using shapes.

Number and Operations in Base Ten

Measurement and Data

Taller or Shorter
Students determine which object is taller or shorter.


Sammy's Shapes
Read a story for students to identify 2-dimensional shapes.
Shape Sorter
Students match the same objects together.
Space Station
Online game where students use smaller shapes to create a larger shape.
Shape Cave
Students match the shape with it's name to create figures.


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